1. Check Sapphire for any incomplete assignments. Complete these assignments and turn them in. Most of these should be able to be found here on our class website, or you can ask/email me if you're having trouble.
  2. If you're not doing as well on quizzes or tests as you would like... are you focused during class? Are you completing, turning in assignments, and studying? If so, and you're still not doing well, I am available most days after school and certain periods during the day. Please do not hesitate to ask me for extra help anytime, but remember sooner is better than later.
  3. Review! Go here to create your own free Kahoot! account and find me "mchughc" Anyone (student, teacher or parent) can use the reviews I personally created to help YOU learn and prepare! Please note: You must select "I am a student 16 years or older" when creating your account
  4. There are always extra credit options available on the class website.
  5. Finally, if you do fail a marking period, it may be possible to complete remediation work in order to improve your grade within a reasonable time frame.
  6. Please remember, school staff is here to support you in innumerable ways, but ultimately your performance in all classes is your responsibility. Please seek out extra help early as needed. Thanks for understanding.