1. At the discretion of your teacher, you will work individually or in small groups, to perform a brief website review of the following sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Goodreads, Yelp, Wikipedia, Digg, and any others.
  2. While doing so, you may be directed to discuss with group members (or neighbors) how some of these sites help to build community, but also some of the negatives or drawbacks of the services.
  3. You will record this info either in a table similar to the one we will be creating as a class (below), or on paper, or in a separate Google Doc, etc. You choose.
  4. After the specified period of time, you will share your findings with the class as we work together to complete the following table.
  5. Finally, following this lesson activity, you will need to draft a response to today’s lesson discussion prompt which is located directly below the following table, and to appropriately and constructively respond to at least one peer.
Thank You
Type of Site
Social and Professional Networking
Blogging and Microblogging
Photo and Video Reviews
Reviews and Quality Ratings
Names of Sites

Examples of How Sites Foster Positive Community

Examples of How Community Can Break Down